Mountain Ridge Chapter

Mountain Ridge

Back Country

P.O. Box 81
Riverton, Utah 84065

Mountain Ridge B C H U

"Gentle on the Land."

Our monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of each month. Locations and topics will vary, so watch our Facebook page for announcements! We will post every time we have an upcoming meeting, event, ride, or project. Hope to see you there.

Chapter Officers

President: Jillian Long | 336-971-0091|  Email me

Vice President: open | -- | --

Treasurer: Bill Marshall | 801-947-1962 | Email me

Secretary / Education Committee: Barbara Myers | 801-916-0887 | Email me

Public Lands / Service: Bevis Kennedy | 801-302-9153 | Email me

Ride and Camp Coordinator:Julian Long | 336-971-0091|  Email me

Service Committee: Bevis Kennedy | 801-302-9153 | Email me

Social Committee: Starr Dowding | 801-557-7166 | Email me

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