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New Washington County Trails Website

Southwest Utah Trails:

Washington County's new trail website is now online. For many months the Washington County Community Development Department has been developing a county wide trail website with the aid of grant funds and an outside website development firm. It contains all types of trails, hiking, biking, and equestrian. We have been providing information on horse trails and photo's to them. This release is phase one and is a ways from being fully completed. More phases will be coming and errors will be corrected. You can contact Paul Sloan (Southwest BCHU Chapter President) with any comments as he is serving on the trails committee. It is a wonderful website!

New GPS Sharing site (and you can print maps even without a GPS). Check out RideWithGPS.com. Join the BCHU group, and please share your tracks too!

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Another Trail Resource: Dream Packer Trail Adventures

Please submit New Trails in Word document, pdf file, or email to webmaster@bchutah.org.

Include Trail Name, description, chapter name, length, good time of year to ride, shoes or not, level of difficulty, any difficult places, and a picture if you can.