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Forming a new chapter of the
Back Country Horsemen of Utah

The Back Country Horsemen of Utah (BCHU) is comprised of all local Chapters within the State of Utah. A local or regional chapter may be organized by any group interested in supporting the philosophy and purpose of the Back Country Horsemen of America. The chapter must become part of BCHU.

Forming a BCH organization is not difficult; however, there are a number of requirements. First, those interested in creating an organization must subscribe to the Objectives and Purposes of the Back Country Horsemen of America as outlined in the Organizational Handbook. Those purposes do not preclude other interests, but a saddle club that may take an occasional trail ride is not a BCHA organization.

The by-laws of the Back Country Horsemen of Utah (BCHU) allow for the formation of "local or regional" chapters within the state organization. The purpose of these chapters is to encourage riders who live and/or ride in various parts of the state to organize and volunteer to develop, preserve, and maintain equine trails throughout Utah.

The guidelines for the formation of local or regional chapters from the Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) require that a chapter of a state organization may be formed when 15 or more horsemen/women from a geographic area within a state apply to the state board to become a chapter. A new chapter must establish a set of by-laws consistent with the state's by-laws, provide a statement of affiliation with BCHU, establish a membership list and elect officers. A chapter will provide representation to BCHU Board of Directors.

The portions of the BCHU by-laws that speak specifically to chapters include:


Section 1. Use of Name "Back Country Horsemen": Any group wishing to use the words "Back Country Horsemen" as a part of their name must be affiliated through registered and paid memberships with the state organization of Back Country Horsemen of Utah. Affiliation with Back Country Horsemen of Utah automatically affiliates every member with the Back Country Horsemen of America.

Section 2. Minimum Membership Requirements: A minimum of ten (10) members in good standing are required to organize and establish a local chapter.

Section 3. Approval by State Board of Directors: Any group seeking admission as a chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of Utah must be approved by the Corporation's Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the "Board"). The Board shall establish prerequisites required for admittance. These may include providing the Board with a list of officers and directors, state and national membership dues collected from members, a copy of the chapter's by-laws, a statement of chapter goals, or any other requirements deemed to be appropriate.

Section 4. Local Chapter Officers and Directors: Each local chapter shall establish procedures and rules for electing officers and directors. These officials will implement Corporation policies and establish and carry out their own policies, goals and activities.

Section 5. Annual Reports and Financial Statements: Each local chapter shall prepare an annual report containing a financial statement, the number of paid up members enrolled, a list of service Projects showing man-hours worked, horse and equipment hours donated, and the number miles traveled and present the same to the Board via the Chapter Representative to the State Board of Directors for inclusion to the State Report to the National Board Meeting annually.

If any chapter fails to comply with the accounting and reporting procedures defined herein, shall no longer be recognized as an affiliate of the Corporation and shall automatically loose all benefits of affiliation. The delinquent chapter shall remain suspended until reinstated by a majority vote of the Corporation Board of Directors